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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

4 UMPCs reviewed by ChannelWeb Network

Last year, the websites for CRN (Channel Reseller News) and VARBusiness magazines joined with ChannelWeb to provide a single 'portal' for the solution provider audience.

The February 18th edition of CRN Tech, features an article which reviews four popular Ultra-Mobile PCs and rates them on performance, portability and Channel Profit Potential.
I am pleased to say that the new eo v7110e was the second highest rated UMPC of the series. Here is how the author sums up the current crop of UMPCs

"Bottom Line: Despite the high price tag, Sony struck a balance between having a solid product and a stable channel program, an equilibrium that helped it claim first place. While the company would not win any gold stars purely on technical or channel merits, Sony offers a UMPC that performs well and is readily available to the channel. Even though TabletKiosk's eo v7110e scored the worst on hardware performance, its various input options, the ability to support
Linux out of the box, low price and battery life saved it on technical merits. And TabletKiosk's channel program was by far the best one, comfortably securing the company in second place. Technologically, the Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium blows rivals out of the water, but until it is more readily available to the channel, reviewers decline to give it top marks. It landed in third place. The OQO's Model 02 performed almost equal to the Vaio UX, but it is also fairly limited in its channel program, leaving it in fourth."

We are very pleased with this recognition and look forward to expanding our presence in the Value Added Reseller (VAR) Channel.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think all of the tech sites and the computer companies are so clueless about what normal people want. The sales of UMPC's in 2007 of only 350K proves the point.

What mainstreams users want is a simple computer that runs the same software as their laptop/desktop, have the same touch type keyboard input, yet be able to be carried in a jacket pocket. We do not want a pen input device nor a thumb input device. Any computer larger than a jacket pocket is tech/geek toy and people will not buy one.