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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

eo a7400 Tablet PC Speeds up the Drive-Thru Line at Wienerschnitzel

In the Southern California car culture, drive-thru ordering at fast food restaurants is a way of life.  1)  It’s usually sunny.  2)  With our traffic, we literally live in our cars.  3)  Certain fast food chains are an integral part of our beach culture.  Not to boast, but the day that this picture was taken, it was a sunny 80 degrees in March!
Wienerschnitzel is one of those restaurants that dot the Southern California landscape, and in order to maximize the high-volume of their drive-thru business, they are now using the eo a7400 7” Tablet PC running Windows embedded POS Ready and Micros POS software at several locations.
After the first day in the field, a store manager reported the following: Weinerschnitzel_TK-eo_a7400-Line-Busting

“Today we started using the tablet at 11:45am. It was very effective in getting orders into kitchen quicker then before.
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So much that I jumped in kitchen to help push out orders. Mike, the Managers, was outside taking orders and collecting payments and running them in.”

Now, would you like chili cheese fries with your  chili dog?  Make sure you get plenty of napkins to protect your car!

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

IntelliQuilter Manufacturer Uses Tablet PCs as Embedded Controllers in CNC Quilting Machines to Improve Accessibility and Usability



New TabletKiosk Case Study published which describes TabletKiosk’s partnership with IntelliQuilter to provide them with Tablet PCs used as CNC Controllers.

In 2005, TabletKiosk established a long term strategic partnership with IntelliQuilter, a  computerized quilting system which assists professional quilters automate and gain better control of their long-arm or mid-arm industrial sewing machines. The IntelliQuilter is sold as an after-market add-on for all of the major brands of industrial quilting machines including APQS, A-1, Gammil, Nolting and Innova.

The 12.1” Sahara Slate PC All-In-One Tablet PC is used as the private label, embedded controller for the IntelliQuilter to accomplish the following goals put forth by IntelliQuilter company owner and developer, Zoltan Kasa:

1. Efficiently run his software application on a custom configured Linux O/S

2. Possess a form factor that is lightweight, portable, and provide for the ability to easily mount and dismount from the sewing machine
3. Run on an x86 compatible microprocessor which is powerful enough to execute complex real-time graphic operations and control the sewing machines’ two actuator motors simultaneously
4. Possess a responsive LCD touch screen at least 12” or larger

Click here to download the full case study of the history between TabletKiosk and IntelliQuilter and how this B2B relationship as grown over the years.

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Low Cost Card Swiping / Unhappy Customer Service You Get What You Pay For!

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squareVery interesting article in the Los Angeles Times this morning about how many merchants who are using Square as their Point of Sale to process credit card transactions are frustrated that all customer service complaint resolution issues can only be handled online without given them the opportunity to speak to a live human.,0,6285816.story#axzz2qgDewbhP

“Customer service, though, usually consists of offering online help tools, not staffers sitting by the phone. That cuts costs and is      usually enough to resolve an issue — until users encounter a major problem, such as their Facebook account being hacked or their funds being frozen.”

The volume of rancor has been cranking up in recent months as one unhappy Square merchant after another has turned to the Web to gripe about not being able to reach a live human being and warned fellow merchants to steer clear of the company.

Believe me, I’m not writing this entry to dis Square or similar pay-as-you-go solutions… Rather I’m writing this article give some unsolicited advice for those that expect a high level of service from a low-cost solution.

1)  You get what you pay for
2)  You can’t expect Nordstrom’s service for Wal-Mart pricing
3)  If you are a customer who absolutely needs to have access to a live support system, consider spending more for your service
4)  If the cost of human interaction is not built into the operating costs of a low cost solution, then they are likely to rather drop you as a customer rather than lose money

As I was writing this entry, I realized that I have a Square sitting atop one of the piles on my desk. I picked it up as tradeshow swag a few years ago and it has  never been used. If anyone wants it, you can have it, but just don’t complain to me about customer service.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Today is National Clean-Off-Your-Desk Day! Keep Your Tablet Workspace Tidy Too!

your-fired-just-kidding-but-seriously-clean-out-your-deskToday is “National Clean-Off-Your-Desk Day"! In honor of this important day, here are some tidy up tips for the for your desk and for your Tablet PC…
Organize your cords.   Wrap up your power cord properly so that the excess cord is does not create a big mess of spaghetti style knots and tangles. Use Velcro bands, rubber bands or masking tape to hold the ends together.  While you’re at it, organize the accessories connected via USB and wrap those cords too.

Wipe down your screen with a cleaning cloth to remove fingerprints.A good thing about the Tablet form factor is that it does not collect crumbs – unlike our keyboards which seem to be magnets for random crumbs, dust, shredded paper and lint.

Think and aim to go paperless. Jot notes in OneNote instead of on random scraps of paper laying on your desk. Scan or enter all information from business cards into your CRM and throw out the actual cards.

Organize the items in your pencil cup.  I’m not quite sure where it came from, but right now, I can see a screwdriver, ruler, an tube of hand sanitizer not quite fitting in the cup.Wipe down your phone handset and untangle the cord.  Yes, in our office settings most of us still use phones with handsets and they get pretty gross.

Dust, dust, dust

Got any tips to share?

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

TabletKiosk or tablet kiosk?

Boy have things changed.  When our company was founded in 2003, the name “TabletKiosk” was selected because it described how people could incorporate “kiosk” functionality in the form of a tablet.  At the time, people were not familiar with a touch screen tablet interface, but they were becoming more familiar with using a touch screen kiosk to check in at the airport. Thus, by naming our company TabletKiosk, we tried to illustrate that our Tablet PCs offered the familiarity of a touch screen kiosk interface in the form of a mobile and wireless tablet. 

Fast forward ten years and today several companies that sell mounts for tablets are marketing their products are tablet kiosks.  They are using the descriptor “tablet kiosk” to describe mounting solutions and enclosures that can house and hold an iPad or Android tablet so that they can be used in retail settings for kiosk applications.

How ironic that it’s a complete 180 reversal of thought process.

To make things even more confusing we are working with a few of the “tablet kiosk” manufacturers who are considering incorporating our TabletKiosk Tablet PCs inside their tablet kiosk enclosures to run applications where they need maximum speed, processing power and memory. 

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Tablet PCs for enterprise customers

As tablet pc shoppers and IT managers discover the TabletKiosk website, I sometimes swear that can hear audible gasps over the internet when they find  out the price tags of our machines.

With so many IT professionals currently discussing and asking advice about tablet deployment plans, I’d like to take this opportunity to explain how TabletKiosk differentiates its product line and business plan from the popular consumer tablets currently on the market.

So let’s start here…
In the midst of this ever-changing environment, TabletKiosk has attracted and maintained a customer base whose buying considerations extend well beyond the price tag.

Since 2003, TabletKiosk has manufactured and distributed Tablet PCs to enterprise customers working in Healthcare, Hospitality, Control Systems, Field Force Automation and Government vertical markets. The majority of our customers run industry-specific, enterprise software applications (ESA) including Electronic Health Records, Point of Sale (POS) and Diagnostic System Automation. We don’t make laptops, cel phones, routers or mp3 players. For us, it’s all tablets, all the time.

Longer Than Average Life Cycles
1) To extend the Return on Investment (ROI) investment for our customers, all TabletKiosk products incorporate longer than average lifecycles between product refreshes and utilize components from our partners’ embedded roadmaps to ensure long term availability. In fact, for some of our largest deployments, a 100% consistent Bill of Materials (BOM) over the course of several years is a mandatory factor in the Scope of Work.

2) To address the stringent Return on Investment (ROI) requirements for our enterprise customers, TabletKiosk maintains a business model and product development lifecycle that is inherently different from companies that market their products to end consumers.
Because most IT purchases are large-scale endeavors that must meet a specific ROI thresholds, TabletKiosk designs its systems with a minimum three (3) year lifecycle to maximize the cost of ownership.
This is very different from the consumer Tablet manufactures who announce upgraded products every 6-9 months (and consequently wind up discontinuing availability and support for older products).

Backwards Compatibility

The TabletKiosk product ecosystem, which incorporates backwards compatible accessories, permanent and temporary mounting solutions and interchangeable scanner modules reinforces TabletKiosk’s commitment to offer quality, value-based products to the enterprise market. We understand that the majority of our customers are using our Tablet PCs for more than just answering emails or downloading videos which is why the ecosystem of accessories is so important to our line.
Service and Support

TabletKiosk is a US-based company and does not outsource its service or support. All technical and customer support is handled in our Torrance, CA office. When you call the TabletKiosk office, the phone is answered by a live person who is 100% committed to our product line. For every support issue that is logged, TabletKiosk assigns a dedicated tech support rep to that particular project. That tech support rep stays with the product until the problem is resolved. If fact, it is likely that the person you spoke with on the phone will be the person handling the repair.

Lastly, to further our commitment to providing the highest quality of products and service in the industry, all systems undergo three stages of QC inspections prior to shipment, resulting in an approximate 2% average failure rate at the customer level. This is far above the industry average for reliability.

I don’t know if any of this resonates with how you look at purchasing IT equipment for your company but I hope that it sparked your interest. If you have any questions at all, I am happy to help you out by providing case studies, white papers and product comparison grids.

Sahara family

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

TabletKiosk® Upgrades Sahara NetSlate® 12.1” Enterprise Tablet PC

Sahara_NetSlate_logoTorrance, CA, July 30, 2013 — TabletKiosk, a leading provider of slate-style Tablet PCs and customized mobility solutions for the enterprise, today announced the newest addition to its family of 12.1” Tablet PCs, the Sahara NetSlate® a525.

The Sahara NetSlate a525 is a business focused Tablet PC powered by the Intel® Atom™ N2800 TK-Sahara-NetSlate-a525-PRprocessor. Designed to

deliver superior value and productivity as well as the ability to run embedded applications, the Sahara NetSlate a525 features 4GB of DDR3L RAM, over 300% better battery life than the previous model, integrated front and rear facing cameras and a true RS-232 serial port as a build-to-order option.

As an enterprise-grade Tablet PC, the Sahara NetSlate a525 effectively bridges the gap between consumer grade tablets and more powerful rugged Tablet PCs. Unlike most consumer tablets powered by the Intel® TK_a525_leftAtom™ processor that can only run Windows 8 or Android, the Sahara NetSlate a525 offers complete user flexibility by running Windows 7 Professional, Windows 8 Pro, Windows Embedded or Linux.

Additionally, the Sahara NetSlate a525 features dual hot swappable batteries, Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45), WiFi 802.11n, universal 3G WWAN, Bluetooth 4.0, two full-size USB 2.0 ports, and full compatibility with the Business Smart™ accessory ecosystem created for the company’s flagship Sahara Slate PC® line of Tablet PCs.

“The new Sahara NetSlate a525 is an excellent choice for companies looking for an entry level tablet with a long product lifecycle to maximize their return on investment,” said Martin Smekal, President and CEO of TabletKiosk. “We purposely designed the new a525 with the same body chassis of the previous Sahara NetSlate to ensure that our legacy customers can continue to use their existing accessories and peripherals after transitioning over to this new model.”


The Sahara NetSlate a525 is shipping now. For additional details, pricing, or to place an order please visit

About TabletKiosk

TabletKiosk is an early innovator of business Tablet PC solutions for the enterprise and was one of the first to offer touch screen enabled Windows tablets. The company regularly integrates modern technology with key legacy components to create forward thinking mobile systems, while still providing backwards compatibility and long product life cycles.

As a manufacturer and distributer of proven mobile computing solutions since 2003, the company’s line of Tablet PCs, including the Sahara Slate PC, has been widely used in Healthcare, Hospitality, Government and Manufacturing both as TabletKiosk branded and OEM / private label deployments. For more information about TabletKiosk, visit

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