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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

eo a7400 Tablet PC Speeds up the Drive-Thru Line at Wienerschnitzel

In the Southern California car culture, drive-thru ordering at fast food restaurants is a way of life.  1)  It’s usually sunny.  2)  With our traffic, we literally live in our cars.  3)  Certain fast food chains are an integral part of our beach culture.  Not to boast, but the day that this picture was taken, it was a sunny 80 degrees in March!
Wienerschnitzel is one of those restaurants that dot the Southern California landscape, and in order to maximize the high-volume of their drive-thru business, they are now using the eo a7400 7” Tablet PC running Windows embedded POS Ready and Micros POS software at several locations.
After the first day in the field, a store manager reported the following: Weinerschnitzel_TK-eo_a7400-Line-Busting

“Today we started using the tablet at 11:45am. It was very effective in getting orders into kitchen quicker then before.
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So much that I jumped in kitchen to help push out orders. Mike, the Managers, was outside taking orders and collecting payments and running them in.”

Now, would you like chili cheese fries with your  chili dog?  Make sure you get plenty of napkins to protect your car!

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