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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

TabletKiosk or tablet kiosk?

Boy have things changed.  When our company was founded in 2003, the name “TabletKiosk” was selected because it described how people could incorporate “kiosk” functionality in the form of a tablet.  At the time, people were not familiar with a touch screen tablet interface, but they were becoming more familiar with using a touch screen kiosk to check in at the airport. Thus, by naming our company TabletKiosk, we tried to illustrate that our Tablet PCs offered the familiarity of a touch screen kiosk interface in the form of a mobile and wireless tablet. 

Fast forward ten years and today several companies that sell mounts for tablets are marketing their products are tablet kiosks.  They are using the descriptor “tablet kiosk” to describe mounting solutions and enclosures that can house and hold an iPad or Android tablet so that they can be used in retail settings for kiosk applications.

How ironic that it’s a complete 180 reversal of thought process.

To make things even more confusing we are working with a few of the “tablet kiosk” manufacturers who are considering incorporating our TabletKiosk Tablet PCs inside their tablet kiosk enclosures to run applications where they need maximum speed, processing power and memory. 

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Business Australia News said...

Tablets are unstoppable. They are the new generation of smart computing. I just hope they keep on developing awesome and free apps for the users.