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Friday, January 17, 2014

Low Cost Card Swiping / Unhappy Customer Service You Get What You Pay For!

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squareVery interesting article in the Los Angeles Times this morning about how many merchants who are using Square as their Point of Sale to process credit card transactions are frustrated that all customer service complaint resolution issues can only be handled online without given them the opportunity to speak to a live human. 


“Customer service, though, usually consists of offering online help tools, not staffers sitting by the phone. That cuts costs and is      usually enough to resolve an issue — until users encounter a major problem, such as their Facebook account being hacked or their funds being frozen.”

The volume of rancor has been cranking up in recent months as one unhappy Square merchant after another has turned to the Web to gripe about not being able to reach a live human being and warned fellow merchants to steer clear of the company.

Believe me, I’m not writing this entry to dis Square or similar pay-as-you-go solutions… Rather I’m writing this article give some unsolicited advice for those that expect a high level of service from a low-cost solution.

1)  You get what you pay for
2)  You can’t expect Nordstrom’s service for Wal-Mart pricing
3)  If you are a customer who absolutely needs to have access to a live support system, consider spending more for your service
4)  If the cost of human interaction is not built into the operating costs of a low cost solution, then they are likely to rather drop you as a customer rather than lose money

As I was writing this entry, I realized that I have a Square sitting atop one of the piles on my desk. I picked it up as tradeshow swag a few years ago and it has  never been used. If anyone wants it, you can have it, but just don’t complain to me about customer service.

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