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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

How I accidentally created a marketing niche for Folding Keyboards

Recently, our order department told me that they're seing a surge of orders for our USB and BlueTooth Folding Keyboards. I got a chuckle out of this because this is an example where I created increased market awareness and created buzz for a product that we had previously thought of as merely an add-on sale .

So how did this happen?

First, from an organic standpoint (which I wish I could, but I can't take credit for...) we are ranked #1 in Google searches for the term usb folding keyboard and we are listed on page 1 for the search term "folding keyboard". Obviously, this brings us quite a lot of attention.

However, I can take credit for setting up pay per click campaigns for keyboards and some of our other general appeal accessories on comparative shopping sites like Nextag, Yahoo Shopping and Shopzilla. I did this on an experimental basis to determine if we could sell select items on their own instead of as add-on tablet accessories.

Lastly, since Igo announced that they were discontinuing their Stowaway Keyboard, some blogging sites have been discussing new options for mobile keyboards. This email string appeared yesterday on Internettablettalk.com and as a result, we got quite a few hits from it...

And so TabletKiosk's awareness of a company that sells folding keyboards continues to grow...

From a marketing standpoint, this is a success story that I hope to replicate many times over. The people interested in folding keyboards are most likely mobile, and if we can familiarize them with TabletKiosk as a company that can address their mobile needs, we are one step ahead of the game.

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