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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Remembering Sydney Pollack

                  Sydney Pollack    

Sydney Pollack, the Academy Award-winning director of "Out of Africa" who achieved acclaim making popular, mainstream movies with A-list stars, including "The Way We Were" and "Tootsie," died yesterday. He was 73.

Linda A. Epstein, Tablet PC enthusiast and editor of TabletPC.com had the pleasure of teaching Mr. Pollack to use a Tablet PC.  This photograph shows him using a Sahara Slate PC from TabletKiosk, one of the two devices he owned.  According to Linda, Pollack loved technology and filled his office with all types of techie gadgets. She told me that Pollack was an amazing man who was full of life and a great deal of fun to work with.

On a personal note, “Tootsie” and “The Way We Were” are among my favorite movies of all time. His exceptional talent and vision will be missed by me and moviegoers everywhere.

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