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Friday, May 1, 2009

Product Launch – An inside peek of what’s going on behind the scenes

I received an email today asking me why I haven’t posted any recent blog updates.  Well with 2 new products launching in the next 60 days, our R&D, Marketing and OPs teams have been extremely busy juggling all of the tasks required to facilitate two successful launches.  

So to give you an idea of what is currently going on behind the scenes at TabletKiosk, here is a very short list of what we are currently working on.

Approving final engineering and tooling 
Certifications for WHQL, Intel, Energy Star, FCC, UL
Creating device drivers
Creating recovery media
Testing and benchmarks of final engineering samples
Securing trademarks and patents
Sourcing in box components
Designing packaging and inserts
Writing product manuals and quick start guides
Finalizing Spec sheets
Updating web pages
Creating marketing messaging and materials
Forecasting and planning roll-out quantities
Previewing and planning with our distribution channel
Finalizing pricing for distribution sales channel 
Sales channel readiness 
Keeping close tabs of inventory for EOL SKUs
Licensing software
Creating accessory ecosystem internally 
Working with third party vendors to help develop accessories
Training sales team 
Creating launch kit
Finalizing Logistics

Hmmm… no wonder I don’t have any time to blog… I need a vacation.
Stay tuned for news about the launches – we’re counting down from 60 days!

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