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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ready or Not… Hospitality Sales Here I Come!

I’m in transition mode now – and am soon to be moving from the crazy world of marketing at TabletKiosk to the even crazier world of TabletKiosk sales.

As many of you know, for some time now, I have been informally overseeing the sales of our products into the Hospitality market because

1)  I identified Hospitality as a new market for us
2)  There was no one in our sales team who was familiar with this market
3)  I was having a ball discovering new opportunities for TabletKiosk in hospitality 
4)  I like staying in hotels, shopping and eating in restaurants (not really a reason, but entirely true)
         Our all encompassing definition of Hospitality includes hotels, restaurants, clubs, retail – basically any 
         industry where customer care and sales transactions occur directly at the point of service.

So recently, I decided to take the leap to move into the sales department full time and (sadly) walk away from my marketing duties.  I’m in transition now, so I’m still handling most of the marketing functions while jumping headfirst into sales (with little time to breath). 

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