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Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Few New Uses for Tablet PCs in the Hospitality Market…

I’ve officially made the transition from Marketing to overseeing Sales into the Hospitality market and I’m having a blast.  I’ve discovered that there are hundreds of uses for a Slate Tablet PC in the hospitality field.  Here are some of the uses that are coming up again and again.


     Remote Wireless Check-in
     Mobile Concierge
     Conference check-in and registration
     Signature capture guest packages
     Guest surveys
     Remote Property Management System (PMS) 
     Key card encoding

       Line Busting
       Mobile POS
       Tableside ordering
       Catering and event management 
       Guest Surveys
       ID Scanning
       Data collection for mailing lists
       An extra POS terminal for busy times patio service
       Hostess stand seating management

       Electronic Bingo Terminal
       Diagnostic testing of slot machines and video poker
       Table Management
       Security and Surveillance
        Guest surveys

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Anonymous said...

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