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Friday, February 17, 2012

How to Recommend the Right Tablet PC for your Customer?


This morning, I conducted what I think was a very productive training session with one of our new VARs (Value Added Resellers) entitled  “How to Recommend the Right Tablet PC for Your Customer”.

I’ve given this training presentation numerous times, and each time I am surprised by the detailed questions asked by the reseller partners.  Some of our resellers have been selling rugged tablets for years, but are new to the enterprise grade models while others are entirely new to the tablet platform. This always makes for an interesting conversation and it helps me learn about their businesses.

This training focuses on Recommending the RIGHT TabletKiosk Solution for the project; and the overview is that the key to selling our Tablet PCs is to understand how the hardware will be used as well as the end customer’s Requirements, Wants and Needs so that you can easily direct them to the right TabletKiosk hardware solution. 

Interested in learning more or scheduling a personal training session webinar about how to increase your sales of Tablet PCs?  Please feel free to Email me to schedule a Reseller Training session.

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