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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our Tablet PCs Offer So Much More Than Email, Web Surfing and Media Consumption

By manufacturing and distributing top of the line, true Business Class and Enterprise-Grade Tablet PCs, TabletKiosk sets itself apart from the bevy of consumer tablets available today through the traditional retail channels. All of our Tablet PCs offer so much more than web surfing and mobile aps! TK-i500-and-a7400

                  TabletKiosk products are designed for business use.
                  TabletKiosk products are designed to run full enterprise software programs. 
                  TabletKiosk products are designed to help companies increase their ROI.

Power - Intel Core i7 Processor

Memory - Up to 8GB RAM

Battery Options -    Hot Swappable Batteries

Security -     Kensington Lock
                   Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 
                   Intel VPro Technology

Solid State Drives - Up to 300GB

          Options for Data Input:
                           Wacom Active Digitizer
                           Capacitive Touch Screen
                           Resistive Touch Screen
                           Ecosystem of "Business Smart" Accessories -
                           Magnetic Stripe Readers
                           Barcode Scanners

How will you use your Tablet PC today?

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