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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Military Drug Trials Group Eliminates Errors and Inefficiencies using Electronic Data Capture and Tablet PCs Infectious Disease


Federal Government Organization Achieves Cleaner and Faster Clinical Study Data Using Tablet PCs From TabletKiosk®


Torrance, CA, April 16, 2013 —

Infectious Disease Clinical Research Program (IDCRP), a worldwide network of Department of Defense (DoD) clinical and research centers that have collaborated to investigate infectious diseases challenges facing the military, revealed that it is using Tablet PCs from TabletKiosk to conduct a completely paperless clinical study resulting in 50% time savings and 100x fewer queries.

The clinical trial process was previously paper-based and involved almost 20,000 paper forms, which resulted in slower data capture into back-end systems for reporting, and more errors/queries.Capture 2

IDCRP’s current electronic data capture (EDC) solution, deployed in Afghanistan, Kenya and Djibouti, incorporates the Sahara Slate PC® i500 running Mi-Forms mobile-forms technology from Mi-Co to create a comprehensive, all in one data collection unit.

The Sahara Slate PC® i500 is a slate Tablet PC powered by the Intel® Core™ i7 processor. This robust 12.1” Tablet PC solution features both a capacitive touch screen and an active digitizer (pen) panel to allow for highly accurate handwriting input and recognition used in the Mi-Forms software.

According to Josh Kumpf from IDCRP, “Missing or incorrect data is by and large a thing of the past as we can now mandate entry of key information into digital forms. We couldn’t direct attention, highlight blank fields, or ask CRCs to confirm suspect data on traditional paper forms, but we can in a robust computerized system like the one we have built around the Tablet PCs.”

Mr. Kumpf will be discussing the success of their mobile forms solution on April 16th at the Mi-Co PartnerEd Conference 2013 in Durham, NC.

Interested parties can download and read the entire case study by visiting www.tabletkiosk.com/mediaroom/casestudy/cs-idcrp.asp.

About TabletKiosk®

TabletKiosk is an early innovator of business Tablet PC solutions for the enterprise and was one of the first to offer touch screen enabled Windows tablets. The company regularly integrates modern technology with key legacy components to create forward thinking mobile systems, while still providing backwards compatibility and long product life cycles.

As a manufacturer and distributer of proven mobile computing solutions since 2003, the company’s line of Tablet PCs, including the Sahara Slate PC, has been widely used in Healthcare, Hospitality, Government and Manufacturing both as TabletKiosk branded and OEM/Private Label deployments. For more information about TabletKiosk, visit www.tabletkiosk.com.

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