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Friday, May 24, 2013

Sahara Slate PC Seen on TV

Our warehouse manager, Grant B, is a huge car buff and this week he discovered this great product coverage of the Sahara Slate PC on the TV show, Fifth Gear!!  

Fifth Gear TV Show. Sahara Slate PC from TabletKiosk is shown at the 4.53 and 8.38 marks
(Our footage is shown at the 4.53 and 8.38 marks) 



How cool is it that he unexpectedly found the Sahara Slate PC really being used on TV as a diagnostic testing report for automotive crash tests.  It’s especially exciting because our machines are really being used as diagnostic equipment and are not showing fabricated screenshots (which were used on CSI NY). 

No paid product placement here!
This is the real deal!

Have you accidentally discovered any TabletKiosk products in your daily life?  We love unexpectedly finding our products being used “in the wild” and welcome photographs and videos of our products in use.

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