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Friday, January 25, 2008

Tablet PC Mounting Solutions

This morning, I had a fun conversation with a customer who wanted to know how TabletKiosk differentiates the Sahara Slate Tablet PC from competing slate Tablet PCs.

Of course, I mentioned key features like the dual mode touch/pen screen, outdoor viewable screen and the new battery options, but to my surprise, the customer was most excited about our options for docking and mounting.

This made me start thinking that I need to do a better job with our website and marketing materials to explain the flexibility, portability and mounting options available. We currently offer VESA plates with and without quick-release access, a Docking Cradle which is essentially our VESA plate with expandable legs, assorted mounting arms and stands. The question is, how to market these better to show their full functionality. Someone suggested that we create 3D animations to show how all of the pieces can work and fit together. Someone else suggested that we show real-life scenarios and show the accessories in action. What do you think?

I’d love to hear suggestions from tablet users of the most effective ways to show the features and benefits of tablet accesories?

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1 comment:

Lawrence said...

I think a video of a young executive running from place to place would be good. Have him get in his car using a car mount and GPS. He gets to his detination, jumps out and checks his outlook to see what room a meeting is in, he gets to the boardroom just in time to dock his PC and show a demo of what? The TabletKiosk tablet PC line. Have it all to fast paced music. Kind of playing to the younger crowd who is more likely to purchase this kind of technology anyway.