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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Follow up to Tablet Tuesday

OK, I made it through my first Tablet Tuesday. The results were kind of mixed, a wasn't as mobile as I would have liked to be, and I never got out of the office. But I did stay undocked and untethered all day and spent my day sans keyboard, mouse and monitor.

Here are some of my findings:

  • I write a lot slower than I type.
  • My battery lasted 3.5 hours with wireless (no bluetooth)
  • Vista handwriting recognition is improved, but it's still not perfect
  • I missed my keyboard more than I missed a mouse
  • I can't wait until our new onscreen keyboard is ready for release
  • OneNote 2007 rocks - love the lasso
  • I like inking in Outlook for emails (I'm not sure if my recipients liked it)
I felt silly sitting at my desk, chatting on the phone and writing on my tablet. Using the tablet this way didn't make me more mobile, it made me feel stupid. Next week, I need to make sure that I get myself away from my desk.

However, it does bring up the point that most of our tablets and UMPCs are mounted in some way instead of being used for 100% mobile usage.

If you are using a slate tablet, let me know how you use it and how often it is docked...

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PaulC said...

this was an interesting quote
"I felt silly sitting at my desk, chatting on the phone and writing on my tablet. Using the tablet this way didn't make me more mobile, it made me feel stupid. "

Especially from a marketer at a tablet company. However I have not tried it myself so I can't fault you. :)

It's a good idea, and I will try it next week, thanks for the article!

Gail said...

Hey, at least I'm honest. It was kind of strange to be handwriting emails and documents while sitting at my desk with my keyboard and dock were sitting mere inches away from me.

In order for me to be effective in my job, I need to be as productive as possible.

The beauty of a slate tablet is that it can be used, mounted or carried anywhere. A slate tablet with touch and pen input is the most convenient and portable full featured computer available when you are mobile. However you have to remember that as Director of Marketing for TabletKiosk, I send most of my time in my office at the TK corporate headquarters.

Because I'm an office worker, I have built up my workspace with the add-on accessories that make me the most productive including docking cradle, monitor, keyboard and mouse. When I am away from my desk in meetings or on the road, I undock my tablet and go mobile using inking and touch screen to get my work done. The slate tablet form factor give me the best of both worlds. :)

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that when I need to generate lots of words, I'd rather have a keyboard.

Still, I like sitting at my desk with my slate when I'm on the phone on processing emails. I find that it's especially useful for taking notes while talking on the phone or participating in a conference call. Of course, I have to admit that Microsoft Crossword is also very useful for many of the conference calls I sit in on.

I just recently traded in my 12" slate for a 5" UMPC with an active digitizer. I'm still getting used to it but I'm tending to spend more time on my big keyboard while at my desk. On the other hand, I find that I can carry it with me (and it's always connected via EVDO) so I'm using it in situations where before I wouldn't have anything more powerful than a PDA.

Mark Payton said...

Just goes to show how different we all are. One of my chief complaints with all the docks I've had, except to some extent the HP TC1100 dock, was that I couldn't easily sit at my desk and write while on the phone...

I'll also use this opportunity to put in another plug for a decent detachable keyboard. I've always thought very highly of TabletKiosk systems and would probably have one if they'd had the keyboard.

Paul said...

Multi-functioning is a problem. Why not ask TabletKiosk to design some one-hand operatable keyboard, on screen and docked. Like having QW on one button, ER on one. It will take some time to get used to but I think it can be definitely useful. Esecially on screen, I suppose it should be quite easy to make one given the company is to release the full one.

P.S. You are doing a great job marketing Gail. I can't imagine how do you even find my little post on the CSI NY gadgets. Don't worry, opportunities like this will keep showing up. I'm a poor college student busy paying my tuition right now but when I have the chance, I'll certainly try the tablet and UMPCs. I think they'll definitely develop into very efficient devices.

Gail said...

Thanks for the positive comments. I've been doing marketing for consumer products for 18+ years and I'm still getting my feet wet with this blogging stuff.

FYI - It was easy to find your post... I receive realtime google alerts anytime TabletKiosk is mentioned online. Mystery solved :)

Jon said...

Good blog Gail,

I have recently got myself an i440d from Hugo Ortega here in Oz. I'm partial to the slates because of the drawing I do - for reference a lot of the cartoons on here (ttp://shop.fotodojo.org/gallery/1842942_eyK55#150983974) are drawn with tablet PC's and in the future will be drawn on the i440d =) ..

Google alerts ey - I use them too =).