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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Much More Productive Tablet Tuesday!

Yesterday was the second of my Tablet Tuesday experiments (I was in Orlando last week for a trade show) and I must say that it was an incredibly productive experience.  It was the type of day that typified the Los Angeles experience with 75 degree weather and movie studios; and I enjoyed it thoroughly. 


My day started off with a meeting on the set of CSI NY at the CBS Studios in Studio City.  I had scheduled this meeting (on Tuesday of course) to deliver additional Sahara Slate PC and eo TufTab units to the set of CSI  NY.  Tablet Fans should be thrilled to hear that CSI NY is going "paperless" for the remainder of the episodes for this year.  This means that all of the characters will be walking around with Tablets in-hand to keep all of their work notes and computer screens with them at all time.  How cool is that??  CSINYBannerCaps

Yesterday was a filming day, so I got to see a few of the actors, including Gary Sinese, in person.  I also had the opportunity to meet the Associate Producers and show them how the pen and touch screen can be integrated together.  To be honest, they seem more interested in the touch screen capabilities than pen input; and they are creating some impressive graphics programs for the show.  However, I'm still making a push to have them incorporate note taking with digital ink. 

After I left CBS, I spent the rest of the morning around the San Fernando Valley with full wireless connectivity using my new Sierra Wireless Aircard 881.

 sierra_881aircard_lI started using the Aircard while I was in Orlando last week, and it has become my new best friend when I'm away from my office or home. I can't believe how fast the connection is and how easy it is to use.  I stopped in a Coffee Bean for a quick nonfat vanilla latte and checked email, and then stopped by to visit ex-coworkers at my previous employer, Munchkin Inc.   Using the Aircard, I showed them my blog and demonstrated the touch and pen input options.  Most of them had never seen a tablet before, and as always, I got a real kick out of seeing people's reactions to the keyboardless entry.

For the remainder of my day, I spent some time in a cafe and at my home office catching up on emails, writing marketing overviews and catching up after last week's show.  It felt really good that I was able to stay undocked and away from my keyboard all day while remaining 100% productive and mobile.

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