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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What's Up Dock?

57043_400x286_tk_eo_v7110e We have just begun shipping the eo v7110e UMPC, the new rev to the eo v7110 series with the 1.2 Gimg_v7110e_dock_generalHz Via C7M processor, 1GB RAM and 40GB hard drive. The biggest news about this rev, however, is that in conjunction with the launch we have also released the eo v7110e docking cradle.

The dock is definitely a great addition to our line of accessaries, however owners of the original eo v7110 Ultra-mobile PCs may be disappointed, because the dock is not and will not ever be compatible with the original generation of eo UMPC.

You may recall that we originally showed the eo dock at CES 2007 and people were really excited to purchase it. At the time, we were informed that the move to production was just a few weeks out, and the dock met all operational hardware requirements. But as we moved closer to manufacturing, we discovered some major compatibility issues between the eo v7110 and the docking cradle which were impossible to ignore. Thus we decided to delay the release of the docking cradle until we revved the product. Sorry original eo owners, but in good conscience, we can't sell you a unit that will not meet your needs.


The good news is that the new docking cradle adds a new level of functionality for owners of the new eo v7110e. The i/o port layout is as follows:

10/100 LAN (RG45)
VGA out (HD15)
4x USB 2.0,
DC Power In

These ports promote improved flexibility by expanding the desktop functionality of the device for external monitor support, and adding additional USB devices.

The eo v 7110e docking cradle is available on the http://tabletkiosk.com/tkstore/pc/viewPrd.asp?idcategory=27&idproduct=140 or from on authorized Tabletkiosk dealer for $149.95

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