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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Preparing for Meetings and Trade Shows with a Tablet PC

In my ultra-glamorous job, I do quite a lot of packing for trade shows, key customer meetings and presentations. It is not the most challenging activity in the world, but I know that I make decisions on the fly and that my packing lists often change mid-flight.  Packing my own presentation materials also keeps me in 100% control of my presentations (yes, I'm a control freak) so I know that whatever I pack will definitely show up in the condition intended.

I am definitely a list person, so for each show or meeting, I keep a packing checklist of all of the items that will be shown.

I mention lists and packing, because previously, I would print out the list (actually an Excel spreadsheet), attach it to a clipboard, mark the appropriate column after each item was packed, and jot notes all over the page.  Then I would have to go back to my computer to enter in the information to keep a permanent record of what actually got shipped out.  

Today, I refused to permit myself to print out the list (It is after all, Tablet Tuesday). Instead, I'm using using my Sahara Slate PC as my digital clipboard to mark all product confirmations and notes during packing.  In order to keep everything in list form intact along with my notes, I exported my Excel spreadsheet into OneNote so that I can keep all my notes in one place.

This might not sound like too big a deal, but it is actually saving me quite a lot of time -- as I can add rows as I go along and make changes to the document in real time. 

And yes, I am writing this entry sans keyboard...   

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