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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Is the Tablet PC the Ultimate Networking Tool?

After yesterday's adventures with Tablet Tuesday I'm convinced that the Tablet PC is the ultimate networking tool.

So there I was, eating my lunch and minding my own business at Panera in Torrance, while using my Sahara State Tablet PC to read and write email.  (love the fact that they have free wireless). 

And people were staring.

I wish that I could say that they were checking me out because was having a good of a good hair day, or maybe they were admiring my fabulous outfit, but alas, I fully acknowledge that that they were checking out my computer and not my new shoes. 

When I use my Sahara in public, it's not unusual for people to stop and ask questions. I often find myself demonstrating and explaining how to input text via Inking, how the unit converts  to a touch screen as well as the benefits of a tablet.   I've explained countless times how Microsoft has improved the handwriting recognition in Vista that no, the technology is not unique to TabletKiosk. 

Yesterday, one of these casual tablet encounters turned out to be a terrific business contact for our our company.  It turned out that the woman who stopped by my table to ask me a few casual questions is on the Torrance City Council.  How serendipitous is that!!  I now have her business card, she has mine (turns out her maiden name is Levy) and she is going to put me in touch with the people who do the procurement for the city.

Hmmmm... where can I camp out next Tuesday???

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