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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Real Value of Customer Service

If you purchased a computer today, what would your expect the manufacturer/ distributor to Captureprovide in terms of service and support?

Live Tech Support?
User Forums?
Driver Downloads?
Knowledge Base?
Repair depot?

I'm asking this question because I want to learn more about how customers perceive support services and if they recognize the value of such services.

If you visit the TabletKiosk.com Discussion Forums, you'll see lively conversations going on about the eo i7209 UMPC. Actually, I need to correct the previous sentence because many of Forum members conversing in the forum purchased their UMPC units in the UK under the Advent U1A badge at a greatly reduced price (see example).


Just yesterday, we received a call from a woman who purchased the eo v7110 / Amtek T700 from agopc. She was looking to have the motherboard repaired and was informed by agopc that to service the unit, they would need to ship it to Taiwan. She came to TabletKiosk because she knew that our repair depot was local and that we service her machine if she was willing to pay for the service.

In a perfect world, hard drives would never crash, computers would have unlimited storage capacities and screens would never lock up. This would be a world where tech support services are obsolete and gasoline prices would be lower than $1 a gallon- but we all know that this would is pure fantasy.

And sometimes, a good deal is too good to be true. Companies can often keep costs down by cutting out or charging for essential tech support services.

When you purchase your next PC, what type of support would you expect to receive from the company? Remember, you get what you pay for...

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