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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What a difference a year makes

Last week, our team participated in four intense days of Power Point presentations, new product trainings, forecasting, heated lively discussions and a round of miniature golf, also known as the TabletKiosk Sales Meeting.  We hold these meetings 2x per year (in January, right after CES and in August) to bring our Sales team to the corporate office in California, to share information and updates.   

We had quite a few new faces at this meeting, because since the beginning of the summer, we added several new team members, including Harold Winkles (formerly of Motion Computing) as our Western Region Sales Manager and Ed Stein (formerly of Global Streams) as our Central Region Sales Manager.  Ken Hughey, who had been handling sales for the Central Region, is now working in a newly created Business Development role. 

Now as I am going through my notes and remembering last week's overflowing meeting room (19 people in our conference room was cozy, not crowded) it's fun to reflect on some of the milestones happening (and soon to be happening) at TabletKiosk.

  • Our current line has 6 tablet models.  In 2009, that number should  bump up to 10 base SKUs
  • Our revenues continue to grow by over 100% each year
  • In the next six months, we will need to expand the office area by either knocking down walls or moving support staff to a new building
  • We moved our US corporate offices and warehouse to a much larger facility -- and John got a brand new forklift to go with it
  • Our Taiwan team expanded its Engineering staff and QC team and also moved offices to double their office space
  • We opened a new European service center in Germany
  • We secured a new partner to manufacture the eo i7300 series
  • We established a new company network infrastructure

Big thanks to all who helped make all this happen.  Special thanks to Amber, Ronni, Lauren, Mary, Gene, Grant, John, Cliff, Robert, Jimmy, Iverson, Catherine, Ira, Ken and Dan.  See you all in Bora Bora.  


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Anonymous said...

Gayle -
I love my i440d. I'm a math/science teacher and have found it a perfect classroom PC. Are there any plans to specifically target the education market...perhaps a lower cost, slightly less powerful full tablet??


PS. Thanks for the 10% discount!

cartoonmonkey said...

I for one would have a nice, shiny I440d in my hot little hands.. if it were at a price point of $1500.00

The 2200+ USD price just seems too expensive to justify not buying another, older slate by a different manufacturer.

TabletKiosk: If there was anything you could do to really attract attention: Make the world's lightest hybrid tablet pc!

Take a removable keyboard ala the M1400/LE1600/1700 that snaps onto the top of the machine.. but make the slate itself light. Use that Macbook Air processor if you can get ahold of it.

Could you keep the wacom digitizers, and add a true capacative, multitouch screen?

(in any case, keep the wacom digitizer!)

It would be great to see the above tablet, half the thickness and weight of the I440d, keeping the 12" screen..

(Think the old NEC VersaPro that was only released in Japan..)

I believe whomever makes the absolute lightest slate tablet, with the above features, will totally dominate the upright market.

Sigh.. still waiting for the tablet of my dreams.