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Monday, September 8, 2008

The Eyesboard Keyboard is now available for download for all owners of TabletKiosk Tablet PCs and UMPCs

How would you like to use a fully customizable, on-screen, virtual keyboard on your Sahara Slate PC which responds to touch or active digitizer? 

keyboard black       keyboard silver                       

keyboard blue    keyboard green

keyboard red


Or how about a virtual, on-screen Function Bar and independent Number Pad in matching colors?


numbers black  function silver

function blue

function green

function red

   black numbers   numbers  

    numbers blue    numbers green   numbers red


All of these virtual keyboards can be customized for color, size, opacity settings and even sound effects.  My favorite feature of the Eyesboard is that it appears at Start Up for inputting log-in passwords.

Shortly, we will begin shipping all TabletKiosk Tablets and UMPCs with the Eyesboard keyboard pre-installed.  For current TabletKiosk owners, however, the application is available for download on our website.


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