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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New offerings for TabletKiosk Linux Users


For our Linux customers...

Our project manager in Germany has recently updated our Linux images and new applications suse
(tkcontrol menu, hrw, drivers) on www.tabletkiosk.de for use with our slate tablet PCs. 

These new Linux images will enable those less familiar with Linux to install our updates or drivers via their RPM package manger with one-click -and are supported by openSUSERedHat and other RPM-based Linux distributions.

In order to create an ongoing support system for Linux users, we are encouraging our Linux customers to click on the advanced settings tab to create an 1 click Captureautomatic prompt for future site updates and new applications as they are added.  This will take TabletKiosk to the next level of Linux support as we continue to integrate ourselves as a full solution provider to our openSUSE installations.

Remember, that the link to find these updates is www.tabletkiosk.de.

If you are a Linux user who tries out these new updates, I look forward to hearing your feedback.

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