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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The TabletKiosk Simple Stand - Simple, Yet Smart Design!

One of my favorite, and most useful, accessories for the Sahara Slate PC i500 comes standard with
every Sahara Tablet.black simple stand

The Simple Stand is a Plastic/ Nylon stand that folds flat for efficient storage and easy portability.  Rubber feet prevent slipping and it holds system both in portrait & landscape mode.  We sell quite a lot of TabletKiosk Simple Stands to owners of other Tablets who have fallen in love with its simple yet smart design!  

I always keep a spare Simple Stand in my briefcase in case I need it for meetings or presentations.
For just $32, it’s a great deal that will last you a very long time!


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1 comment:

Tablet PC said...

This Tablet Kiosk is not just a simple tablet stand, but it also protects our tablet from falling. Tablet stands are needed by our tablet especially when not in use since tablet is hard to keep.