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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

80% of our Products Sold are used as Non-Mobile Touchscreen Input Devices

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In today’s super competitive world of consumer-based, media consumption tablets, there still exists a defined niche for our enterprise-based Tablet PCs.  Would you believe that nearly 80% of TabletKiosk products sold are used as non-mobile touchscreen input devices for various industries including Healthcare, Factory Automation, Hospitality and Augmentative Communication?

So if these mobile form factor tablets are being used for non-mobile scenarios, how are they being used and what type of business professionals are using them?  Consider these business scenarios…

      • Attached to a medical cart to access and input EMR records
      • Mounted on a self-contained pedestal in a factory to control the assembly line
      • Permanently affixed to a rolling cart in a school cafeteria for cashless POS
      • Fastened to an electric wheelchair as an augmentative communication device
      • Secured to a forklift to run order fulfillment software
      • Attached to a blackjack or poker table in a casino to run table management software
      • Affixed to a desk in a blood donor center admissions area to run donor questionnaire
      • Secured to a long arm or short arm industrial quilting machine
      • Permanently mounted to a wall for conference room scheduling management
      • Affixed to a cockpit as an electronic flight book
      • And the list goes on…

All TabletKiosk Tablet PCs are designed for business use, and we’ve been manufacturing and distributing enterprise-based Tablet PCs for over 10 years.  We have a long list of legacy customers who have continuously purchased the Sahara Slate PC line (consistently through 4 product generations) since its introduction in 2003.

When our enterprise customers spec out a Tablet PC for their business functions, they require power, speed, reliability and flexibility as well as a full ecosystem of business accessories, to ultimately get the job done. For these TabletKiosk customers who cater to the enterprise marketplace, a consumer-oriented, media consumption device (like an iPad or Android tablet) just isn’t cut out for their business functions.

As the editor of this blog, I use my Sahara Slate PC i550CAD for everyday general computing functions including MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, administration of the company’s Salesforce database and social media.  When I’m sitting at my desk, I put my Tablet PC in its docking station and use an external mouse, monitor and keyboard and dock in order to get my work done.  But as one who uses the Sahara Slate PC i500 for everyday computing functions instead of running specialized purpose-based software programs, I know I’m in the minority…  

How do you use your Sahara Slate PC?  All responses welcome and we love hearing different scenarios about how are Tablet PCs are being used in the field.

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